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by Erase

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Erase (2014) E.P. - 500 Copies - SOLD OUT

All Songs Arranged By Erase

All Music By Erase Except:
Bitch - Damnation Alley (David Carruth/©1982 Metal Blade)
The End Of The Time (Erase/Sarantos Goumakos)

Recording information:

All Songs Arranged By Erase
Recorded At Entasis Studios, Athens/Greece, October 2013/March 2014
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By Nick Papakostas
Executive Producers: Erase


released May 24, 2014

Logo Arranged By Panagiotis “Savage” Zouvelos
Cover Artwork: Alice Raftaki / Front Cover Concept By Erase
Booklet & Graphics Layout By Sofia “Black Widow” Lykoudi
Photoshoot By Alice Kostopoulou

Lyrics On:

Tv Nation & Beautiful Streets By Panagiotis “Savage” Zouvelos
We Are The Winners By George “Inner Voice” Stavropoulos
The End Of The Time By Sarantos Goumakos,
Whispered Phrase Taken By Robert Burn’s “A Red, Red Rose” Poem
Damnation Alley By David Carruth

Additional Musicians:

Herc Dimitroglou (Ex-Hannibal) All Keys, Synths & Pianos
Nick Papakostas (Strikelight, Convixion) Intro Guitar Solo On Beautiful Streets
Alice Kostopoulou (Ruthless Steel) Vocals On Damnation Alley & Backing Vocals On To The End Of The Time



all rights reserved


Erase Athens, Greece

Established In 2009 In Athens, Greece. Forged In Fire Under The Influence Of A Universal Language, Heavy Metal. Released A Demo “Heavy Metal Maniacs” (2011), “Erase” E.P. (2014) And Now Erase Are Promoting Their New Split 7’’ Vinyl “Easy Riders” (2016)..!!! Still Fighting Underground For Revolution, Accomplished & Determined. The Sun Is Brighter For Those Who Believe... ... more

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Track Name: TV Nation

Have You Sick Of All These Fools
Subliminal Waves Steal Your Thoughts
And Try To Make You To Believe
That There’s No Time For You To Live

Commercials Tell You How To Think
Every Minute You Have Free
Sick And Twisted People Lie
White And Grey Your Life Became

But Shut Your Mouth
I Don’t Wanna Hear Your Voice Any More

I’m Sick With All These Fools
That Try, To Enforce, My
Free Will And Thoughts
I Only, Believe, In Me

Politicians Lie, It’s A Game
You Have To Play - Never Be Afraid
The Sun Is Brighter For Those Who Believe
On Earth Is Heaven – On Earth Is Hell

‘’…It Is Said That T.V. Is Another Great Technological Achievement,
It Helps People Stay Informed – We Say It Lacks Of Interactivity, We Say It Is An Inanimate Black Box That Guides People’s Thought…’’

Try And Find Some Other Way
The Life Is Full Of Joy
Never Surrender Your Dreams To Them
They Wanna See You Fall

T.V. Nation – You’re Not Free…

You’re Not Free…
Track Name: Beautiful Streets

Written On The Walls Representing The Truth
How Children In Our Days See This World
Lost Among The Streets Living On The Road
Fill Their Life With Colours, Fill Their Dreams With Hope

Away From Their Homes, Always Runaway
Learning How To Survive From This Cruel Life
They Feel, They Talk In Their Own Beautiful Way
They Wanna Live In A Better World Forevermore

We’re Lost In The Shadows
Where Beautiful People Walk
We’re Lost In The Shadows

Sleeping In The Bench, Away From Parents Guidance
Care For Each Other, Creating Something Unique
In Their Eyes You Can See The Fire Still Burns
Behind Stainless Steel, Fighting Around The World

There’s Always A Back Door When Things Go Wrong
When Adults Impose Silence On Injustice And War
How Beautiful Is To Live In Your Own Fairy Tale
Living Among Colours, Dream Secretly
Track Name: Damnation Alley (Bitch Cover)

All You're Believing Won't Save You Now
The Players Are Leaving But They Don't Know How
The City's Bleeding, The Heart And Soul Are Gone
The Music's Seething, It Won't Last Very Long

Death Walks Behind You, It Follows In Your Wake
Scratches At Your Fingers Tears At Your Face
All Of A Sudden It's Give And Take
The Devil's Winning The Human Race

Damnation Damnation Alley
Don't Walk Alone Through The Valley
Damnation Damnation Alley
You'll Never Get Out Of Here Alive

Damnation Damnation Alley
Oh What An Awful Place To Have To Be
You Play So Hard And It Means Nothin'
I Just Can't See What They Want Me To Be

Damnation Damnation Alley
Don't Walk Alone Through The Valley
Damnation Damnation Alley
You'll Never Get Out Of Here Alive
Track Name: The End Of The Time

You Were Always Afraid To See The Night
You Always Tell Me About Ghosts And Then You Hide
In Your Eyes I See The Terror Running Deep Inside Your Veins
Isn’t It Strange When I Look Into Your Face

I Feel Your Spirit Coming Closer
A Light Is Blinding, Me The Sky Now Seems So Bright
Watch Me Now As I Am Leaving, I’m Already Everywhere
Will You Be There? I Have Many Thoughts To Share
At The End Of The Time, At The End Of The Time

Now I Believe That Shadows Of The Night
Are Buried Forever In Everybody’s Mind
I Had A Dream Once Before The Morning Light
I Saw A Man Who Never Lost A Fight
He Was One Of The Children Of The Night

The Stars Are Showing Me The Way
The Moon Is Crying Above My Head
Don’t You Know The Sin Of An Angel Is To Look Beyond The Sky Wondering Why All This Have To End This Way
At The End Of The Time, At The End Of The Time
Track Name: We Are The Winners

I’m Sick And Tired The Don’ts And Noes
My Freedom’s Voice Is Always Choked
Don’t Want To Be A Pawn In Your Sick Games
And Putting To Me Your Deadly Blames

Your Insane Politics, Your Will For Domination
Your Sadistic Appetites, Who’ll Pay This Situation?
Not All Of Us The So Called Weak & Poor
We’ll Crush You Down Like A Hammer On The Anvil

We Are The Winners
We Stand As One
We Are The Winners
Our Time Has Come

Our Souls Are Clean, Our Hearts Are Kind
The Path We Chose Is Hard To Find
But We’ll Become Better In All
And The Nameless Will All In Hell Fall

Now It’s Up To Us To Change The World
We Must Be United To Stand Against The Cold
Together Forever We’ll Rule The Earth
United We Stand – Divided We Fall